New Leaf Irrigation

New Leaf carefully and sensitively mates the right pump to the right dosing rig and filter, so that they work seamlessly with the underground main, solenoid valves, and drippers/sprinklers.

Then every year after we are ready and able to advise on extensions, integrate new technology, and provide in house, on site support.

This is how New Leaf can help growers push the current boundaries of yield and quality. The “easy gains” have already been had, so the next jump in productivity will be achieved through incremental improvements in all areas of fruit production, including irrigation.

The WET Centre exists to trial new technologies that have a direct and positive impact and influence on the plant. All based on sound science, these technologies will provide many of the incremental advances that the industry needs.

Key benefits:

• Reduce your water bill

• Secure your own water supply

• Keep rain out of your slurry store

Cost Estimates:

• 50m3 = £2000

• 150m3 = £3000

• 200m3 = £4800