Delta-T Devices Ltd

Cambridge based Delta-T Devices specialises in accurate and reliable soil moisture monitoring instruments for commercial horticulture and scientific research.

Founded in 1971, we are renowned innovators in soil, solar and plant science, and have co-developed instruments with some of the world’s leading academic institutes.

Delta-T products include the SM150T Soil Moisture Sensor and the advanced GP2 Logger – which can form the heart of a powerful smart irrigation system. Our range also includesDeltaLINK-Cloud which enables users to view real-time data remotely on mobile phones in an attractive customisable dashboard format.

As a company that has been involved in environmental research for nearly 50 years Delta-T Devices understands the huge importance of diligent use of natural resources. We see smart irrigation as a vital technology for optimising the yield and health of produce, whilst cutting costs, reducing water usage, and minimizing damage to the environment.

The WET Centre is a natural fit for both our philosophy and our innovative products. Our soil moisture sensors, advanced loggers, and cloud-based data viewing platform form a central part of the project’s innovative irrigation systems.

Delta-T Devices is proud to be a founding member of The WET Centre and we are excited by the project’s far reaching potential to benefit growers.