Precision Irrigation Package (PIP)

Consistency & control

A unique high performance, fully automated irrigation scheduling system providing consistency, control and confidence to growers

Higher yields

Greater resource use efficiency, higher marketable yields, less waste, improved environmental sustainability, better financial returns

Water saving

Water savings enable businesses to expand production without using more water.

Disease prediction

System is compatible with new disease prediction models from NIAB EMR.

A complete package

What's included?

Precision equipment
Professional installation
Expert training
Technical support and crop monitoring
24 hours a day 7 days a week

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Grower Benefits

1. Optimised Irrigation Management

The Precision Irrigation Package (PIP) reduces the dependence on operator expertise and provides the opportunity to release skilled personnel from manual monitoring and adjustment of irrigation scheduling.

Precision sensors linked to data loggers constantly monitor and accurately maintain coir moisture content. This 24/7 automation minimises the risks of unplanned water deficits or over-irrigation. The system is based on 20 years of research and backed up by NIAB EMR specialists whose agronomic support is an integral part of the offer.

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A generic square placeholder image with rounded corners in a figure.

2. Consistency, control and confidence: 24/7

The PIP online dashboard enables growers and agronomists to monitor the coir moisture content, water use and run-off anytime, anywhere using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Customisable automatic safeguards immediately alert growers, by SMS text message, to irrigation malfunctions or anomalies.

Settings can be overridden where non-standard applications are required. Additional sensors can be supplied to measure pore E.C. air temperature, RH, PAR and other environmental metrics.

3. Business expansion through reduced water usage

The Water Abstraction Reform will limit growers’ abstracted volumes to historical levels, and no further water will be available in the cropping season. The water savings achieved with the PIP could be used to expand production areas without the need for more water.

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