Partners and associates

Berry Gardens Growers

UK leading berry and stone fruit production and marketing group.
Berry Gardens Growers have been at the frontline of the developments of the Precision Irrigation Package.
Berry Gardens Grower provide additional agronomy support for the WET Centre.


CocogreenĀ® has a unique range of speciality coir substrate products which benefit from their control of distribution chain.
In the WET Centre CocogreenĀ® is showcasing their pioneering Moisture Control Technology™, provided as standard in all their coir bags, and their award winning H2CoCo, a wetting agent for better water distribution and retention in the coir.

Delta T Devices

Is one of the leading global suppliers of high performance sensors and instruments for environment and crop applications.
Delta T GP2 logger and the soil moisture sensors SM150T shown in the WET Centre are in the core of the Precision Irrigation Package and provide a reliable way to apply irrigation according to plant demand.

Netafim UK

A global leader of microirrigation and irrigation technology, Netafim™ has provided the control and fertigation equipment for the WET Centre with the Netafim Fertikit™ 3G system for Nutrigation™. In addition, Netafim™ has provided drippers, valves, pipes and filters. Netafim™ played a leading role in the development of the Precision Irrigation Technology.

New Leaf Irrigation

A leading irrigation design company in the UK, with more than 20 years experience using field-proven pioneering innovation. New Leaf has designed the WET Centre irrigation system as well as rain water harvesting.
New Leaf Irrigation are distributors of our Precision Irrigation Package.

Our Associates

Kent County Council
KCC is helping the industry to build water resilience in an increasing uncertain scenario by funding the WET Centre rain water harvesting system and associated trial work

NIAB EMR is now a LEAF Innovation Centre.