Precision Irrigation Package

The Precision Irrigation Package is a high performance, fully automated irrigation scheduling and monitoring system with Hands-on technical support from NIAB EMR specialists

Precision Irrigation Package for soft fruit

Reaping the financial benefits: a 20 hectare case study

Additional costs/returnsAverage £ per hectareTotal £ per annumTotal £ over 3 years
Variable Cost Saving (20%)
(water energy, fertiliser, pesticides)
Cost of Precision Irrigation Package(1,100)(22,000)(66,000)
NEW COST SAVINGS1,30026,00078,000
5% Increase in yields5,300106,000318,000

New scenario from January 2018

  • Trickle irrigators will have to pay for the irrigation water
  • Licences for trickle irrigators will be limited to historical levels: soft fruit growers will not be able to expand unless they manage to increase water productivity
  • Extremely unlikely to obtain new licences in areas over abstracted or at risk (i.e. most of the SE of England)
  • Providing 20% water savings in 20 ha of crop with fitted with the Precision Irrigation Package, you will be able to expand 4 ha your cropping area without increasing total water use